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Bhairavi Kumar’s Nrityodaya Kathak Academy Thanks The SAP Convention Center & Event Organizers of Prime Minister N. Modi’s grand reception In San Jose September the 27th 2015

Bhairavi Kumar Dance Director, Choreographer and Owner of the Nrityodaya Kathak Academy and all of her students and disciples would like to thank The Sap Convention Center and all of the organizers who took part in the recent visit to the South Bay by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With very short notice Nrityodaya Kathak’s musical composer from India, Praveen Rao, was able to put together a beautiful composition that captured the style and grace of Bhairavi and her dancers as well as the classic sounds of Indian Kathak music. All the performers, from the director down, juggled school, work and family obligations to make sure they put in the time and hard work necessary to create something special upon the stage that would transport over 18,500 people, for just a moment or so, to another place and time. Though there were a few unfortunate technical issues during the performance Bhairavi and the entire Nrityodaya Kathak Academy troop felt honored and privileged to have performed for such a large audience and at such an important event. As an organizer of events herself both in the U.S. and India Bhairavi knows that for a true professional performer the show must go on come what may , she and her entire Kathak Academy did just that and could not be prouder of their performance or more grateful to the event organizers for bestowing that honor and privilege upon them.